JY-1212 advertising CNC router

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  • Brand   JY
  • Type   1212
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  JY-1212, JY-1218, JY-1224
*the machine made by cast iron and it is very strong and long life machine
*the ball screw of these machine imported from Taiwan 
*the machine has 4 motors like x-axis has 1 motor,y-axis has 2 motors and the z-axis has 1 motor
*these machine have water cooling
*these machine have noiseless work
Spindle speed: 0-24000 RPM 
Driver system stepper motor
Working voltage  220V or 380V
Command language  G code
Operation system  weihong 
Interface USB
Tool volume  3.175mm,4mm,6mm,12mm

1212 1218 1224  
X,Y,Z working area   1212:1200x1200x200mm
X,Y,Z traveling position accuracy <=0.1mm
Lathe bed cast Iron
X,Y transmission High accuracy gear rack
Z transmission Imported ball screw
Max travel speed 30000mm/min
Max working speed 20000mm/min
Spindle power  *1.5kw *2.2kw
Spindle speed 0-24000RPM 
Driver system step motor
Working voltage 220V or 380V
Command language G code
Operation system weihong 
Interface USB
Tool volume 3.175,4,6,12mm
Software UCANCAM, Type3


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